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Cinch Dev Update #2 (!1)

The previous post about choosing the stack totally counts as a dev update, but isn’t labeled as such. Nevertheless, this is the 2nd Dev Update.

The front-end of the user Dash has been built out in React. Cinch is a simple and straightforward writing platform, with a feature set specifically designed for writing. As such it’s far more approachable dashboard to build than if it were a generic site builder or WordPress clone.

With the Dash front-end ready, its now time to move into the Manage portion of the app.

The Manage portion of Cinch is not user nor read facing. It’s specifically for the Cinch team to manage accounts, trouble shoot issues, and keep tabs on the general platform health.

The Manage section is a little more complex than the Dash section, but not terribly so. I anticipate having the Manage section designed and built out in React by the end of this coming week.

Finally, we’re more or less on track for a Beta during the second week of February so that’s pretty exciting.

Drop your email below if you would like to be notified of the launch of the Cinch beta.

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